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Department of Taxation and Finance

Procurements Currently Under Restriction

Last Modified: September 23, 2016

Please direct any email correspondence regarding the below procurements to


Current procurements under restriction

Reference Number/Title

Vendor or Type

Designated Contacts

Procurement Type

Restricted Period Start Date

L000052 Metro Tech District Office


Chris Chiesa

Lease 03/07/2018
L001635 Genesee County Treasurer


Chris Chiesa


Lease 01/26/2018
C400709 Financial Markets and Commodities News Terminals and Real-Time Asset and Investment Management Platform

(518) 530-4484 

Catherine Golden

Amber Alexander

Yafei Cao

Patricia Kahn

Karry Culihan

Single Source 04/11/2017
L000046 GKL Ventures


Chris Chiesa 

Lease 12/08/2016
L000049 BTC Block


Chris Chiesa

Lease 11/03/2016
L001779B 328 East Main Street LLC


Chris Chiesa

Lease 09/28/2016