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Department of Taxation and Finance

MeF Fiduciary - forms supported

NY forms supported
Form numberForm name20142013
IT-205 Fiduciary Income Tax Return X X
IT-370-PF Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File for Partnerships and Fiduciaries X X
IT-205-A Fiduciary Allocation X X
IT-205-C New York State Resident Trust Nontaxable Certification X X
IT-135 Sales and Use Tax Report for Purchases of Items Costing > $25,000 X X
IT-212 Investment Credit NEW  
IT-219 Credit for New York City Unincorporated Business Tax X X
IT-220 Minimum Income Tax   X
IT-223 Innovation Hot Spot Deduction X X
IT-225 New York State Modifications NEW  
IT-249 Claim for Long-Term Care Insurance Credit NEW  
IT-256 Claim for Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax Credit NEW  
IT-2105.9 Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries X X
IT-606 Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property Taxes NEW  
IT-607 Claim for Excelsior Jobs Program Tax Credit X X
IT-611 Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax Credit (Prior to June 23, 2008) X X
IT-611.1 Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax Credit (After June 23, 2008) X X
IT-612 Claim for Remediated Brownfield Credit for Real Property Taxes X X
IT-637 Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property Credit X X
IT-638 START-UP NY Tax Elimination Credit NEW  
IT-639 Minimum Wage Reimbursement Credit NEW  
IT-640 START-UP NY Telecommunication Services Excise Tax Credit NEW
IT-641 Manufacturer's Real Property Tax Credit NEW  

Please be aware that all software packages are not the same and some may not support all forms that are accepted through NYS e-file.