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View your account summary

We continue to expand our services to allow you to complete tax tasks through a central online location, our Account summary home page. This is the first view you see when you log in to your account. We're gradually phasing in additional access to Account summary features across all types of taxes.

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Features available to all taxpayers

  • view details about your tax account
  • view and edit personal contact information and account access permissions
  • pay bills and notices
  • respond to department notices, such as bills or requests for information
  • access our other online services available to you
  • sign up for account-specific email alerts instead of paper mailings.  These messages include Personal income tax refunds and adjustments, updates to your account, audit letters, tax bills and related notices, and filing due date reminders.

Additional features available to personal income taxpayers, corporation  taxpayers, sales tax vendors, fuel tax vendors and withholding taxpayers.

View a detailed history of:

  • Tax return filings, including:
    • type of form,
    • filing method,
    • filing status,
    • confirmation number, and
    • images of business and fiduciary returns filed online
  • Payments and prepayments*, including:
    • payment type,
    • transaction date,
    • confirmation number,
    • status, and
    • amount.

*Note: Account summary does not include a history of payments for bills or Installment Payment Agreements (IPAs).