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E-ZRep TR-2000 Tax Information Access and Transaction Authorization

Authorization for tax professionals

E-ZRep Form TR-2000, Tax Information Access and Transaction Authorization, allows a tax professional to:

  • access confidential information about their business or individual taxpayer clients online.
  • speak to a Department representative and receive confidential taxpayer information relating to filings, assessments, and notices; and,
  • conduct transactions on the behalf of clients through a Tax Professional Online Services account.
    • These online transactions include filing returns or other documents and/or making payments on the taxpayer's behalf for the tax matters authorized on E-ZRep Form TR-2000. The client can't limit authorizations to specific tax filing periods. For example, if the client gives a tax professional sales tax authorization, they'll have access to sales tax information for all filing periods.

Transactions you can perform on behalf of clients

What to do next

  • Create your own tax professional Online Services account if you don't already have one. See our Tax Professional Account Summary demo to learn more about how to use your account.
  • Have your clients complete and sign E-ZRep Form TR-2000. You must keep a copy of the authorization form in your records for the duration of the authorization plus three years. Do not mail the form to the Tax Department.
  • Add the client to your tax professional account:
    • Select add individual client or add business client link located in the client information box on your Online Services account summary home page
    • Enter client information including their taxpayer ID and information from a previously filed return for taxpayer verification. For individual taxpayers, you may also enter information from an assessment issued by the Tax Department for taxpayer verification.
  • To gain online access to the transactions authorized on E-ZRep Form TR-2000 for the client added, complete assign tax professional permissions for clients using the information as completed on E-ZRep by the client. You will have immediate access to the services authorized by your client.
  • To perform work for the client added, select the client name from your list of clients displayed on the page or select the client from the drop down client listing located in the client information box on your Online Services account summary home page.