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Department of Taxation and Finance

EITC - Cash That Counts

With tax season on the way, don’t miss out on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). If you’re eligible, this could be the largest tax credit you receive—a significant boost that arrives with your refund.

The EITC includes credits from the federal government, New York State and New York City—worth up to a total of $8,529 for a family with three or more children.

As you begin the process of preparing your income taxes for the 2017 tax year, see if you’re eligible for the EITC. We want everyone who is eligible to claim it. It’s your money and you deserve it.

Additionally, if you’ve been eligible in the past, but did not claim the EITC, you may still be able to do so for the previous three years!

Number of Children Maximum Income* Maximum Combined Credits**
3+ $53,930 $8,529
2 $50,597 $7,582
1 $45,207 $4,590
0 $20,600 $689

*These maximum amounts apply to joint filers.

**Based on a combined total of federal, New York State, and New York City credits.

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