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User permissions report for business and tax professional accounts

The user permissions report provides a comprehensive view of business and tax professional Online Services (OLS) account master administrator’s and users’ account permissions and account administrative access.

Account master administrators will have default access to the user permissions report automatically.  Account users will have access to the user permissions report based on the administrative access they have been assigned (see chart below).

Administrative permission to manage usersWill the user have access to the user permissions report?
Without delegation selected With delegation selected Nothing selected Yes No

Once logged into your Online Services account, you can find the user permissions report in two locations:

  • in the More menu of your My account section; and
  • in the Account Preferences tab.

User permissions report showing the location of each person's personal information, role, administrative permissions, and assigned services.User permissions report for a tax professional account user showing the location of the user's administrative permissions and assigned services.