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Department of Taxation and Finance

Fiduciary MeF Forms and Publications

2015 Forms and

Publication 90B New method of electronic bulk payments will be implemented in May 2015. (Updated 6/10/2015) For more information contact:
Error Code Listing 2015 Fiduciary MeF Error Code Listing (Updated 3/18/2016)
Publication 90T New York State Fiduciary Income Tax MeF Software Developer Acceptance Test Booklet for 2015
TR-579.2-IT New York State E-File Signature Authorization for Tax Year 2015 for Form IT-205
TR-579.3-IT New York State Taxpayer Authorization for Electronic Funds Withdrawal for Tax Year 2015 Form IT-370-PF
Letter of Intent Letter of Intent to Develop MeF Fiduciary Income Tax e-File Software (Updated 10/27/2015)