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Department of Taxation and Finance

Contact information for local officials

Assessors, school district officials, and school tax bill processors: please don’t hesitate to contact us for help if you have any questions or if you’re having difficulties meeting the requirements. Working together, we can achieve our common goal of timely and accurate STAR credit checks for the homeowners in your communities.

Contact information
For information regardingWho to contact?
Tentative and final assessment rolls your ORPTS Regional Liaisons
mobile home and co-op data
STAR exemption naming conventions
Updating roll files with STAR credit recipients
Applying STAR credit guidelines to the tax billing process the RPS Unit: for guidance specific to RPSV4 file maintenance or FoxPro tax billing software if you’re a processor using third-party tax billing software packages
your ORPTS Regional Liaisons for all other questions
sending school tax rates to the Tax Department
sending tax bill data files to the Tax Department