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Department of Taxation and Finance

STAR credit report instructions

STAR credit reports provide assessors with the list of property owners who will receive a STAR credit check. The school tax bills for these property owners must include the required notification about the STAR credit check.

Follow the instructions below to access the reports and update your roll files with the “99999” marker code for these properties

For general information, refer to Update your roll file with STAR credit recipients in the STAR Credit Implementation Guide.

How to access and download STAR credit reports

  1. Access the reports from the Online Assessment Community. (See User tips for the Online Assessment Community.) If you have additional staff needing access to the secure website, please request an account.
  2. After you log in, select STAR eligibility.
  3. Select STAR credit program and agree to the security contract.
  4. Choose your assessing unit, and select STAR check reports.
  5. RPSV4 users should download the STAR credit bulk update transaction file. (See details below.)
  6. All assessors can view or download the Star Credit Converted “C” Report.
  7. When you select Download for either report, you will be prompted to download a zipped file.
  8. In the pop-up box, select Save to save the file to your default download folder, or select Save as to save the file to your preferred location.
  9. The default file name will be check_RPS_XXXXXX_2018 or check_yes_XXXXXX_2018 where XXXXXX is the SWIS code of the municipality you selected.
  10. Once the file has downloaded, a pop-up box will notify you that the download has been completed. Select Open folder.
  11. Before opening the file, you will need to unzip it. Right click on the file, and choose Extract All from the list of available options.
  12. In the pop-up window, select Extract.
  13. Open Microsoft Excel.
  14. Open a blank workbook.
  15. Select the Data tab.
  16. In the Get External Data group, select From Text.
  17. Browse to the folder, and double click the folder to open it.
  18. Select the text file and select Import.
  19. The Text Import Wizard will open. Choose Delimited as the file type, and select Next.
  20. Check the Tab box under Delimiters, and select Next.
  21. Column data format will default to General. If your SWIS code and MUNI code don’t begin with a zero, select Finish to continue. If your SWIS and MUNI codes do begin with zero, change the Column data format to Text for the muni_cd and swis_cd fields. This step is not necessary, but will preserve the leading zeroes. Select Finish.
  22. Select OK to import the data into your worksheet.
  23. Save the Excel file to your preferred location.

For RPSV4 users: STAR credit bulk update transaction file

We strongly recommend that RPSV4 users download and save this report. To update the affected parcels, you can use the STAR Credit Update Utility, which is available in the RPSV4 Administration – Update Program – STAR Management module. The utility will update exemption fields with the “99999” marker exemption codes for those parcels that will receive a STAR credit check.

To run the STAR Credit Update Utility:

  • Your RPSV4 database must be updated to release R2016.2118/776, which is available from Real Property System.
  • You will need RPS administrative update rights to run the transaction file against your database. If you don’t have the necessary rights, contact your RPS database administrator.
  • County staff responsible for database updates must select municipal transaction files individually.
  • Processing instructions are contained within the STAR Credit Update user interface.

User notes:

  • You will have the option to select the roll year against which transactions will be applied.
  • Prior to tax bill processing, you must remove STAR exemption data for mobile homes and cooperative units that will receive the STAR credit.
  • Batch transactions will not act on parcels that meet the following criteria; you will have the opportunity to manually add the “99999” marker exemption code where appropriate:
    • Property Class Code = 416
    • Owner Code = P or Q
    • The parcel has multiple STAR exemptions

For all assessors: Star credit converted "C" report

  • This report lists all parcels that will receive a STAR credit check as of the date of the report. If a registered property owner does not appear on your list, this does not mean they won’t receive a STAR credit check this year; we continue to approve registrations daily. 
  • Localities that do not use RPSV4 should use this file to update their roll file.
  • All assessors can save a copy of this file as a record of the year’s STAR credit recipients.
  • If your assessing unit does not have properties that will receive a check, you will see the message "No 'C' status records available" when you select View.