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Department of Taxation and Finance

Update your roll file with STAR credit recipients


Assessors and county real property tax (RPT) directors


Before the processing of school tax bills


To notify STAR credit recipients that they will receive a check instead of the exemption, the STAR credit program requires this language to appear on tax bills: 

An  estimated STAR check has been or will be mailed to you by the NYS Tax Department. Any overpayment or underpayment can be reconciled on your next tax return or STAR credit check.

Note that because tax bills no longer include the dollar amount of the STAR credit, there is no need to indicate whether the property owner will receive the Basic or Enhanced STAR credit. Therefore, only the 99999 code is necessary to designate property owners who will receive either the Basic or Enhanced STAR credit.

To simplify the process of adding STAR credit recipients to your roll file, we’re providing you with a utility and downloadable report. If you don’t add the STAR credit code or description to parcels on your roll file, the required language will not appear on tax bills. 


After the lists for your municipality become available at least 20 days prior to the school tax levy date:

  1. Access the lists from the Online Assessment Community. (See User tips for the Online Assessment Community.) If you have additional staff needing access to the secure website, please request an account.
  2. After you log in, select STAR eligibility
  3. Select STAR credit program and agree to the security contract.
  4. Choose your assessing unit, and select STAR credit reports.
  5. STAR credit report instructions provides the details of the two reports that you can download or view.
    • STAR credit bulk update transaction file. We strongly recommend that RPSV4 users use this option. 
    • “C” (STAR Credit Eligible) report. Localities that do not use RPSV4 should use this file to update their roll file. In addition, all assessors can save a copy of this file as record of the year’s STAR credit recipients.  

Note: If a registered property owner does not appear on your list, this does not mean they won’t receive a STAR credit check this year; we continue to approve registrations daily.


Contact your ORPTS customer service team.