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Department of Taxation and Finance

NYS Tax Department Executive Deputy Commissioner Receives Prestigious Hugh L. Carey Leadership Award for Outstanding Public Stewardship Nonie Manion honored for her inspiring commitment to public service

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The Center for Digital Government presented NYS Tax Department’s Executive Deputy Commissioner Nonie Manion with this lofty recognition on September 15 for her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts to enhance services for New Yorkers through the innovative use of advanced technology.

The Governor Hugh L. Carey Leadership Award for Outstanding Public Stewardship, presented for the sixth year as part of the New York Digital Government Summit, honors the memory of the late Governor Carey and his commitment to public service. 

“I share this great honor with all my hardworking colleagues, past and present,” Manion said. “Teamwork and collaboration have been the hallmarks of our agency—the keys to our success. I’m grateful, too, for the mentors who gave me the opportunity early in my career to take on new challenges outside of my comfort zone.”

One of Manion’s most valuable contributions was her role in the implementation of the Tax Department’s data-driven case identification and selection system (CISS). Each year, this system sifts through millions of tax returns to identify potentially erroneous or fraudulent refund claims. So far this year, CISS prevented New York State from issuing nearly $500 million in suspect refunds.
More recently, Manion was the driving force behind the creation of the Tax Department’s Data Analytics Center of Excellence, known as the Tax Analytics Solution Center (TASC). The office mines and analyzes data to enhance services and bolster compliance.
During introductory remarks, NYS Tax Department Deputy Commissioner Robert Plattner said he’s been “fortunate to witness Nonie’s passion, creativity, and commitment firsthand.” He called her an “extraordinary leader, dedicated to a life of public service,” who “leads by example—upbeat, energized, focused, and determined.” 

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