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Department of Taxation and Finance

Sales tax memos - 1995 (TSB-M)

A TSB-M is an informational statement of changes to the law, regulations, or Department policies.  It is accurate on the date issued.  Subsequent changes in the law or regulations, judicial decisions, Tax Appeals Tribunal decisions, or changes in Department policies could affect the validity of the information presented in a TSB-M.

Sales tax memos - 1995 (TSB-M)
TSB-M-95(14)S, (18)M Clarification of Requirements for Refund/Credit of Taxes on Automotive Fuel Exports
TSB-M-95(13)S Repeal of New York City's Sales Tax on Interior Decorating and Design Services
TSB-M-95(12)S Dues Paid to Homeowners Associations and Certain Other Organizations
TSB-M-95(11)S Exclusion of Meteorological Services From Sales and Use Taxes
TSB-M-95(10)S Guide, Hearing and Service Dogs
TSB-M-95(9)S Sale of Coins of the Republic of South Africa
TSB-M-95(8)S Taxability of Certain Laboratory Reports
TSB-M-95(7)S Prepaid Sales Tax on Cigarettes
TSB-M-95(6)S Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases of Racehorses
TSB-M-95(2)S Sales of Motor Vehicles to Nonresidents and Motor Vehicle Registration by Nonresidents

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