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Department of Taxation and Finance

ORPTS Online Password Instructions

Thank you for your interest in accessing our Secure Access Site. You must submit an RP-5100 form and receive authorization from ORPTS before proceeding with the following steps. The first time you sign on:

  1. Close all browser windows and open a new one.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on "Access my Account" and logon, and answer "No" if the browser asks to save the password.
  4. You will be required to change your password to one of your choosing, and to supply a "shared secret". The latter allows the NYeNet Help Desk and ORPTS Solutions Center to assist if you have trouble.
  5. At the bottom of the NYeNet welcome page is your account profile. You can update your account information by using the new self-maintenance link found at the bottom of the NYeNet page.

Enter the secure access application by using the NYeNet welcome page.

You will be required to change your password every ninety (90) days as long as your account remains active. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Please note that access to the ORPTS Secure Access Site requires 128-bit encryption in your web browser, regardless of the browser or Internet service provider being used.

As stated in your User Code Request Form, the NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services has designated this application for Secure Access, meaning that this application is available only to the Assessment Community for discharge of their duties as a public employee. Registered users have agreed to restrict their use of this data to assessment purposes and to require that designated staff and vendors under contract to them agree to the same terms prior to sharing data or otherwise receiving access. Any violation of this agreement will result in termination of privileges.

Please contact the NYS ORPTS Solution Center at 518-591-5233 for questions about this application.