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Department of Taxation and Finance

Form AC160-S, Statement of Automobile Travel

Instructions for reimbursement vouchers for assessor and county director training

You must use the most economical method of travel should be used at all times.

Complete Form AC160-S if you are claiming mileage reimbursement for a personal vehicle. (Municipal and county vehicles are not eligible for mileage reimbursement.) Assessors and county directors must select only the "lesser distance" (home or official work station) to and from the training site.

On your Form AC160-S, enter the information listed below for each of the noted fields.

Department, Commission, Agency

Enter Office of Real Property Tax Services.


Enter the student's name.


Include month, day, year of the date of travel.

Between What Points

"From" refers to the starting point of your trip and "To" is the destination of the trip. Since it is necessary to account for each portion of your trip, you must enter the starting point (usually your home or municipal office) and the ending point (ultimately the training site), for each day's travel. You must also account for the miles traveled for each portion of your return trip in the same manner.

Hour of Departure / Arrival

Enter the correct time in the appropriate column.

Miles Traveled

Enter the number of miles traveled for each portion of your trip. When you are staying overnight, you may include the total number of miles traveled from your lodging to the training site. Do not include mileage for traveling to shopping or general travel while you stayed in the area. Mileage other that what is necessary for travel to and from the training site will not be reimbursed.

Total Miles

Total the mileage for your trip and enter the amount.

Signature of Traveler

Your signature is required and certifies the accuracy of the information you have entered on this form. Mileage will not be reimbursed if you have not signed this form.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about the above form, please contact Educational Services at 518-474-1764 or email Educational Services.