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Department of Taxation and Finance

Frontier Communications

Frontier Telephone of Rochester

 Frontier Telephone of Rochester
CountyComplaint No.Munis
       Frontier Comm 621700
Orange Co n/a T.Blooming Grove
    n/a T.Chester
    n/a T.Cornwall*
    n/a T.Crawford
    n/a T.Goshen
    n/a T.Hamptonburgh
    n/a T.Monroe
    n/a T.Montgomery
    n/a T.Newburgh
   n/a T.New Windsor
   n/a T.Tuxedo
   n/a T.Wallkill
   n/a T.Warwick
   n/a T.Woodbury
Ulster Co n/a T.Gardiner
    n/a T.Plattekill
    n/a T.Shawangunk