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When to Expect Your Refund
      The refund status tool is updated daily and provides the most up-to-date information about your refund. If your return is being processed, the status will provide a timeframe of how long it will take.

Once your refund is approved, the status will show your refund amount and the scheduled issue date. You can also get this information by signing up for email alerts
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*with Direct Deposit
Allow an additional week if you requested a paper check.
Steps We Take to Protect New Yorkers

New York State reviews all 10 million income tax returns to stop questionable refunds before they go out the door. This may result in your refund taking longer to issue than your federal refund.

Our award-winning technology detects suspicious activity, including identity theft. Your refund will probably sail right through this review process. View our video to learn more.
We save New Yorkers
$400 million
annually by stopping questionable refunds
The Review Process
If you receive confirmation that New York State accepted your e-filed return, it means we have begun processing it. If you filed paper, your return must first be opened, sorted, batched, scanned, and electronically captured before we can begin processing it.  
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The e-filed or paper return is entered into a computerized system. Our system analyzes the data to check for accuracy and validity. If further review is required, the return is examined by Department staff. When your refund is approved, the system will schedule the payment date.
If We Request Additional Information
In some cases, we may send you a letter asking for documentation to support the information claimed on your return. You should respond to this letter as soon as you can, as we review responses in the order they are received.