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Department of Taxation and Finance

Cigarette and tobacco products tax memos - 2010 (TSB-M)

A TSB-M is an informational statement of changes to the law, regulations, or Department policies.  It is accurate on the date issued.  Subsequent changes in the law or regulations, judicial decisions, Tax Appeals Tribunal decisions, or changes in Department policies could affect the validity of the information presented in a TSB-M.

Cigarette and tobacco products tax memos - 2010 (TSB-M)
TSB-M-10(14)M Simplified Computation for Tax on Little Cigars
TSB-M-10(10)M Amended Definition of Little Cigar
TSB-M-10(3)C, (6)I, (8)M, (2)MCTMT, (3)R, (9)S Enrolled Agents Excluded from the Definition of Tax Return Preparer for the Tax Preparer Registration Program
TSB-M-10(7)M PACT Act Expands Jenkins Act Reporting Requirements.
TSB-M-10(6)M, (8)S Amendments to the Tax Law Related to Sales of Cigarettes on Indian Reservations Beginning September 1, 2010.

Cigarette Stamping Agents Must Certify Compliance With Tax Law Article 20 Beginning September 1, 2010.

TSB-M-10(4)M Amendments to Definitions and Tax Rates for Tobacco Products
TSB-M-10(2)M Wholesale Dealers of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Must Begin Filing Quarterly Informational Returns

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