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Department of Taxation and Finance

Income tax memos - 2013 (TSB-M)

A TSB-M is an informational statement of changes to the law, regulations, or Department policies.  It is accurate on the date issued.  Subsequent changes in the law or regulations, judicial decisions, Tax Appeals Tribunal decisions, or changes in Department policies could affect the validity of the information presented in a TSB-M.

Income tax memos - 2013 (TSB-M)
TSB-M-13(10)C, (9)I Extension and Expansion of the New York Youth Works Tax Credit Program
TSB-M-13(9)C, (8)I Hire a Veteran Credit
TSB-M-13(8)C, (7)I Minimum Wage Reimbursement Credit
TSB-M-13(7)C, (6)I, (11)M, (1)MCTMT, (7)S SUNY Tax-Free Areas to Revitalize and Transform Upstate New York Program (START-UP NY program)
TSB-M-13(5)I, (10)M Information for Same-Sex Married Couples
TSB-M-13(4)I Summary of Budget Bill Personal Income Tax Changes Enacted in 2013 - Effective for Tax Years 2013 and After
TSB-M-13(5)C, (3)I Credit for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property
TSB-M-13(4)C, (2)I Amendments to the Rehabilitation of Historic Properties Credit
TSB-M-13(1)I Supplemental Summary of Personal Income Tax Legislative Changes Enacted in 2012

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