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Petroleum business tax memos - 2008 (TSB-M)

A TSB-M is an informational statement of changes to the law, regulations, or Department policies.  It is accurate on the date issued.  Subsequent changes in the law or regulations, judicial decisions, Tax Appeals Tribunal decisions, or changes in Department policies could affect the validity of the information presented in a TSB-M.

Petroleum business tax memos - 2008 (TSB-M)
TSB-M-08(12)S, (9)M Refunds or Credits Allowed to Credit Card Issuers or Fuel Distributors on Credit Card Purchases of Motor Fuel by Exempt Government Entities
TSB-M-08(6)I, (11)C, (6)M, (4)R, (10)S Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Program
TSB-M-08(10)C, (5)I, (5)M, (3)R, (8)S Changes in Procedures for Obtaining Guidance from the Tax Department
TSB-M-08(4)M, (7)S Clarification of Nonroad, Locomotive & Marine Diesel Fuel under Articles 12-A, 13-A, and 28 of the Tax Law

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