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Department of Taxation and Finance

Sales tax memos - 1981 (TSB-M)

A TSB-M is an informational statement of changes to the law, regulations, or Department policies.  It is accurate on the date issued.  Subsequent changes in the law or regulations, judicial decisions, Tax Appeals Tribunal decisions, or changes in Department policies could affect the validity of the information presented in a TSB-M.

Sales tax memos - 1981 (TSB-M)
TSB-M-81(25)S 1981 Legislation - Chapters 103 and 1043 - Exemption For Certain Rentals or Leases of Trucks, Tractors or Tractor - Trailer Combinations
TSB-M-81(24)S Ready Mix Transportation Charges
TSB-M-81(23)S 1981 Legislation - Chapter 604 of the Laws of 1981 - Effective July 28, 1981
TSB-M-81(22)S 1981 Legislation - Chapter 861 - Applicable on and after December 31, 1981- Exemption For Mobile Homes or Factory Manufactured Homes
TSB-M-81(21)S Lewis County Imposes Local Sales and Use Tax
TSB-M-81(20)S 1981 Legislation - Chapter 846 - Effective August 26, 1981
TSB-M-81(19)S Sales Tax Application to Companies Televising Films Over Pay Television Services
TSB-M-81(18)S 1981 Legislation - Chapter 781 of the Laws of 1981 - Effective
September 1, 1981
TSB-M-81(17)C, (17)I, (17)M, (17)S   1981 Legislation - Safeguarding Taxes Due From Foreign Contractors
TSB-M-81(16)S 1981 Legislation - Chapter 471 of the Laws of 1981 - Effective
July 7, 1981
TSB-M-81(15)S 1981 Legislation - Chapter 485 of the Laws of 1981 - Effective
September 1, 1981
TSB-M-81(14)S 1981 Legislation - Effective September 1, 1982 - Chapter 103 - Elimination of Sales and Use Tax on Services to Farm Machinery and Equipment
TSB-M-81(13)S 1981 Legislation - Authorization For Tax On New York City Selected Services
TSB-M-81(12)S Disposable Packaging and Wrapping Products - Sales Tax Application When Purchased For Use In Restaurants, Diners, fast Food Operations and Similar Establishments
TSB-M-81(11)S Sales And Use Tax Application To Purchases Of Machinery And Equipment By Restaurants, Diners And Similar Establishments
TSB-M-81(10.1)C, (10.1)E, (10.1)I, (10.1)M, (10.1)S 1981 Legislation - Interest Rates on Late Payments, Assessments and Refunds of Tax
TSB-M-81(10)C, (10)E, (10)I, (10)M, (10)S 1981 Legislation - Interest Rates on Late Payments, Assessments, and Refunds of Tax
TSB-M-81(9)S Records Required to be Kept by Sales Tax Vendors
TSB-M-81(8)S Taxable Status Of Supplies Used By Auto Body Repair Shops
TSB-M-81(7)S Charges for Admissions to Closed Circuit Television Broadcasts of Boxing Matches
TSB-M-81(6)S 1980 Amendments To The Tax Law
TSB-M-81(5)S 1980 Legislation - Chapter 903 of the Laws of 1980 - Enacted
December 17, 1980
TSB-M-81(4)S Taxability Of Futures Contracts For Precious Metals Traded On Commodity Exchanges
TSB-M-81(3)S Taxability of Major Data Entry Techniques
TSB-M-81(2)S Private Telephone Systems-Real Property Or Tangible Personal Property
TSB-M-81(1)S 1980 Legislation - Amendments Affecting Organizations Exempt Under Section 1116(a)(4)

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