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Department of Taxation and Finance

Important notices (N-Notice) - 2004

An N-Notice is generally issued to announce a singular event, such as an update to a previously issued tax form or instruction, or to announce a new due date for filing returns and making payments of tax because of a natural disaster. The Department does not revise previously issued N-Notices.

Notices included for 1995 and earlier years are selected sales tax notices only.

See also, sales tax locality ST-notices.

Important notices (N-Notice) - 2004
N-04-16 Correction to the Instructions for Form CT-189, Tax on the Importation of Gas Services, Regarding the Long-Term Care Insurance Credit
N-04-15 Important Personal Income Tax Information for Nonresidents Who Sold or Will Sell Shares of Stock in a Cooperative Housing Corporation in 2004
N-04-14 International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Renewal 2005 Licenses and Decals
N-04-13 2005 International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Renewal
N-04-12 Important Notice Regarding Prepaid Sales Tax on Cigarettes
N-04-11 Additional Instructions for the 2004 Form CT-2658-I, Instructions for Form CT-2658, and 2004 Form IT-2658-I, Instructions for Form IT-2658
N-04-10 Revised Instructions for the EZ Wage Tax Credit, ZEA Wage Tax Credit, and QEZE Real Property Tax Credit and QEZE Tax Reduction Credit Forms for Corporation Tax and Personal Income Tax Filers
N-04-8 Refund Claims by Registered Retail Dealers and Licensed Wholesale Dealers of Cigarettes
N-04-7 Notice to Article 12-A Distributors of Motor Fuel Relating to Publication 790
N-04-6 Notice to Article 12-A Distributors of Diesel Motor Fuel Relating to Publication 787
N-04-5 Correction to Form IT-216-I, Instructions for Form IT-216, Claim For Child and Dependent Care Credit
N-04-3 Important Information for Nonresidents and Part-year Residents Relating to Military Pay
N-04-2 Correction and Additional Instruction to Form IT-2105.9-I, Instructions for Form IT-2105.9, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries