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Department of Taxation and Finance

Analysis of 2012 Personal Income Tax Returns

These statistical tables describe the prominent features of New York's personal income tax, as it pertains to the 2012 tax year. These tables cover resident, part-year resident, and nonresident returns and include taxpayer profiles consisting of number of taxable returns, sources of income, federal adjustments, New York modifications, deductions, dependent exemptions, tax liability and credits by NYAGI class, filing status and return type. In addition, they include separate sections on income, itemized deduction amounts, exemptions, available credits and information on refundable credits.   The tables also include statistical information pertaining to returns filed by fiduciaries of estates and trusts.

The following statistical tables are available via spreadsheet files for download in Microsoft Excel xls format.

The tables may contain content too wide for the screen. To view all of its content, please use the scrollbar at the bottom of the table, or scroll the table itself if using a touch device.

2012 statistical tables (xls)