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Department of Taxation and Finance

Department of Taxation and Finance

Pay your bill with Quick Pay—no account needed!

If you're an individual who received a bill, pay directly from your bank account for free with our Quick Pay application. You don't need an Online Services account, and our mobile-friendly design makes it easy to pay on the go.

Pay with Quick Pay

Can't pay your bill in full? See Installment payment agreement (IPA).

What's New

Employer Compensation Expense Program

Enrollment for the Employer Compensation Expense Program (ECEP) is now open. Enroll online by December 1, 2018, for calendar year 2019.


Charitable Gifts Trust Fund established

New York State has established a new Charitable Gifts Trust Fund.

Learn about fund

Tax preparer registration and education

The 2019 Tax Preparer Registration application is available! If you have not completed your 2019 education requirements, you’ll need to complete them before you can register for 2019.


Featured in November

Request an installment payment agreement

If you're unable to pay your tax bills in full, you may qualify for an installment payment agreement (IPA); you'll make monthly payments toward your unpaid tax balance.

View our due dates calendar

Looking for your due date? View our calendar of filing due dates for corporation tax, personal income tax, and sales tax.

Missed a due date?

If you haven't filed and paid your tax, use our penalty and interest calculator to calculate your late filing and late payment penalties and interest. Note: Only use this calculator if you're sending your late return and late payment together.