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Monthly filer forms and schedules (petroleum business)

Monthly filer forms and schedules (petroleum business)
Form numberInstructionsForm title
Filing period: January 2018   Due date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018
PT-100 PT-100-I (Instructions) Petroleum Business Tax Return
PT-100-B Instructions on form Schedule of Weekly Refund/Reimbursement
PT-101 PT-101-I (Instructions) Tax on Motor Fuels (Includes Aviation Gasoline)
PT-102 PT-102-I (Instructions) Tax on Diesel Motor Fuel
PT-103 PT-103-I (Instructions) Tax on Residual Petroleum Product Businesses
PT-104 Instructions on form Tax on Kero-Jet Fuel
PT-105 Instructions on form Credit/Reimbursement for Registered Electric Corporations Rate-Regulated by the Department of Public Services
PT-106 PT-106-I (Instructions) Retailers of Non-Highway Diesel Motor Fuel Only

Form numberInstructionsForm title
PT-101.1 PT-101-I (Instructions) Motor Fuel Receipts
PT-101.2 PT-101-I (Instructions) Transfers and Sales of Motor Fuel Outside New York State
PT-101.3 PT-101-I (Instructions) Nontaxable Sales of Motor Fuel
PT-101.4 Instructions on form Aviation Gasoline Consumed in New York State By Aircraft of Distributors of Motor Fuel
PT-101.5 PT-101-I (Instructions) Sales in New York State with the Motor Fuel Tax Passed Through and Sales of LPG and CNG 
PT-102.1 PT-102-I (Instructions) Diesel Motor Fuel Receipts
PT-102.2 PT-102-I (Instructions) Diesel Motor Fuel Nontaxable Sales - Use for filing periods beginning on or after January 1, 2014.
PT-102.3 PT-102-I (Instructions) Diesel Motor Fuel - Transfers and Sales Out of New York State and Sales in New York State for Immediate Export
PT-102.4 PT-102-I (Instructions) Diesel Motor Fuel Taxable Sales or Use, Sales to Manufacturers for Use in Manufacturing, and Sales to Railroads or Use as Railroad Diesel  
PT-103.1 PT-103-I (Instructions) Residual Petroleum Product - Receipts and Sales
PT-103.2 PT-103-I (Instructions) Residual Petroleum Product - Transfers Out of New York State and Sales in New York State for Immediate Export
PT-103.3 PT-103-I (Instructions) Residual Petroleum Product - Sales as Bunker Fuel and Sales for Manufacturing or Farming Purposes
PT-104.1/202.1 Instructions on form Kero-Jet Fuel Consumed in New York State By Aircraft
PT-106.1/201.1 PT-106-I (Instructions) Retailers of Non-Highway Diesel Motor Fuel Only - Receipts and Sales

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