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Department of Taxation and Finance

Assessment Roll and Assessor’s Report Filing Guidelines

File names and accompanying documents: (Please be sure to sign Assessor's Report (AR))

Tentative Roll [1] Final Roll [2]
RPSv4: RPS.db & RPS.log RPS.db & RPS.log; Print Final Assessor's Report
Required Report Selections*:
Muni Part1; Muni Change in Level; Address Info;
Muni Part1 Totals by Property Class & Roll Section;
Muni Part1 Totals by School District
*For RPSv4 users, we have removed the requirement for the 'Part2 Detail Changes' report to save local printing and mailing costs. This data is accessed by ORPTS from the V4 database submitted.

Non-RPS: File names should identify municipality, roll year and content. The AR "Summary of Total Assessed Value" (Part 1) should be printed and signed. If an AR "Detailed List of Changes" (Part 2) file is not included with the roll file provided, a printed version of this report must accompany your "Summary of Total AV" (Part 1) report. A file layout of the assessment roll file and assessor's report file (if applicable) must accompany your submission.

Also, when appropriate, include Assessor's Report Part 6 for Court Ordered Changes and Part 7 for Small Claims Adjustments or Correction of Errors.

Acceptable file transfer media:

Internet: E-Transfer Server [3] using a secure account is the preferred method for submitting assessment rolls and assessor report files.  If you don't already have an account, you can contact us to establish a new one.
OR e-mail zipped (compressed) files to our Internet address (below).
Postal Service: Compact Disk-"CD", Digital Video Disk "DVD".

File Size Considerations: (maximum capacity)

E-Transfer Server: no size limitation (Please ZIP data before transferring files.)
E-mail: approximately 10mb (Please ZIP data before sending files.)
Compact Disk (CD): approximately 650mb-900mb depending on the CD
Digital Video Disk (DVD): approximately 4.7 to 8.0 gigabytes (single vs. double layer)


E-mail Address:
Mail Address: NYS Department of Taxation and Finance
Office of Real Property Tax Services
Bldg. 8A - Data Management Unit
Assessor Report/Assessment Rolls
WA Harriman Campus
Albany, NY 12227

[1] The Tentative Roll file should contain: assessment roll, inventory, sales, and inventory at time of sale.

[2] The Final Roll file should contain: assessment roll, inventory, sales, inventory at time of sale, and details of changes that have occurred since the previous final roll.

[3] Please send us an e-mail alerting us of your file transfer.