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Department of Taxation and Finance

Federal State Employment Tax (FSET) information for software developers

New York State participates in the Fed/State Employment Taxes (FSET) program for quarterly withholding tax and unemployment insurance filings and payments.

FSET Handbook

Publication 120 helps software developers implement the FSET program with New York State. (Updated May 13, 2015)

FSET Error Codes

See the reject codes that can cause New York State to reject FSET filings. (Updated December 15, 2015)

NYS FSET Field Definitions and Rules

NYS FSET spreadsheet (Updated August 17, 2016)

E-File Signature Document (TR-579-WT)

The ERO will complete this document.  Tax preparation software must provide this document.

FSET Schema

Use the FSET schema to develop your tax preparation software. (Updated October 25, 2013)

FSET Approved Vendors

For a current list of vendors approved by New York State, please view the FSET Approved Vendors pages.


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