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Department of Taxation and Finance

ACH debit detail for petroleum business tax

The following details the information you must have available to complete your payment transaction.

Please enter the following information:

Tax Period End Date
(format: MMDDYY where "DD" -day must be equal to 22)

Payment Amount under Article 12-A
(example: 123456)*

Payment Amount under Article 13-A
(example: 123456)*

Total Payment Amount
(example: 246912)*

Settlement Date
(format: MMDDYY)

* Entered as dollars and cents with no commas or decimals (example: 123456 = 1,234.56).

To make a PrompTax payment for petroleum business tax using ACH debit, you must:

  1. log in to your Business Online Services account;
  2. select Other taxes from the left-hand menu under Services;
  3. select PrompTax petroleum business tax from the drop-down;
  4. select I want to: Make a petroleum business tax payment under options; and
  5. follow the prompts to make your payment.

You can also view our demo to learn how to make an ACH debit payment and save your banking information to your Online Services account.