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Department of Taxation and Finance

NYS 45 ATT Wage Reporting Web Upload - Electronic Reporting Format

As of November 1, 2008, magnetic media files for the NYS-45-ATT Wage Reporting are no longer accepted. Instead, use the Wage Reporting Web Upload to report wage data and fourth quarter withholding information online. You must create an Online Services account before you can upload your information.

Certain employers are required to use the Wage Reporting Internet Upload. These employers include those who report wage and withholding information for 250 or more employees/payees in four consecutive quarters.

Files must be submitted by Web Upload in one of the formats as explained in the documents below:

Use position 243 to provide a wage/pension indicator (regular wages = “W” and other wages = “O”) in the RS record
Include at least one RS36 record
Zero fill positions 320-330 if you are not required to report local tax
Report Yonkers income tax withheld in the Supplemental Data 2 field, positions 413-487 in the RS record type. Right justify and zero fill positions 413-423. Blank fill positions 424-487.
Use either an RT or RU record identifier for the Total Record. Do not include both identifiers.
  • Uploaded files must have one of the following valid extensions: .zip, .txt, .dat, .rpt

Contact our Withholding Tax Information Center if you have questions about our technical specifications.