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Wireless communications surcharge

Dutchess and Niagara counties impose a local wireless communications surcharge effective March 1, 2018. See PUB-451, Wireless Communications Surcharge Rates on Postpaid Wireless Communications Services and PUB-452, Wireless Communications Surcharge Rates on Prepaid Wireless Communications Services.


You are a prepaid wireless communications seller if you make retail sales of prepaid wireless communications services.

Prepaid wireless communications services include:

  • mobile phones or mobile phone cards preloaded with a set dollar amount or number of minutes, and
  • reloading mobile phones or mobile phone cards with additional minutes.

Any calling card that is preloaded with a set dollar amount, minutes, or units of air time, and can be used on a mobile phone to make calls, is a prepaid wireless communications service. For example, international calling cards that can be used on both landlines and mobile phones are subject to the surcharge.

You are a postpaid wireless communications service supplier if you:

  • are a facilities-based carrier or a reseller;
  • provide wireless communications services to customers on a recurring basis or pursuant to a contract; and
  • have one or more wireless communications customers in New York State.

Wireless communications services include all commercial mobile services which offer real-time, two-way voice or data service that is interconnected with the public switched telephone network or otherwise provides access to emergency communications services.

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