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Form IT-1099-R, Summary of Federal 1099-R Statements

2017 income tax forms coming soon!

The following forms for tax year 2017 will be available in January 2018: 

  • IT-201, Resident Income Tax Return (instructions
  • IT-203, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return (instructions
  • IT-214, Claim for Real Property Tax Credit 
  • NYC-208, Claim for New York City Enhanced Real Property Tax Credit 
  • NYC-210, Claim for New York City School Tax Credit 

Do not use a prior-year form to file for tax year 2017.

Enhanced paper filing with a fill-in Form IT-1099-R

Electronic filing is the fastest, safest way to file—but if you must file a paper summary of federal 1099-R statements, use our enhanced fill-in Form IT-1099-R with 2D barcodes.

Benefits include:

  • no more handwriting—type your entries directly into our form
  • a unique 2D barcode printed on every page that securely links your form information to your account
  • fewer errors and faster processing of your form due to the automatic entry of your information (as scanners read the 2D barcode)

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend you save the PDF document to your computer and fill out this saved version, instead of accessing the form directly through your Web browser.

All taxpayers should save a copy of this form to their computer after printing.

Do not make any handwritten entries on this form. As you fill in the form, your data will be stored in a 2D barcode printed on each page. We will process your form based on the data in the barcodes.

Not in a hurry?

Paper Form 1099-R, Summary of  Federal Form 1099-R Statements, is not yet available for the 2017 tax year. Check back in January 2018 to access this form when it becomes available.